Physical Therapy Billing Secrets

& How to Maximize Reimbursement

Physical therapy billing is becoming a very lucrative business as the physical therapy industry grows.?

The skills required to offer physical therapy billing services is quite basic but it’s the correct coding, appealing denials, and the actual collecting that’s becoming more and more challenging.

Most physical therapists do not enjoy the billing aspects of their business and all they want to do is treat patients. Little do they know, if you don’t get paid for your services you won’t enjoy the treating part very much.

Many physical therapists in private practice are losing a lot of money.

More and more physical therapy practices are outsourcing their billing to those who specialize in it and can do it better. Often times, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective way for them to manage their billing avoiding the cost of software, hardware, and additional employees.

The downside is many of the billing companies out there are not very organized and not very good with collections, or staying up to date with the coding and regulation changes.

If you find one that is, the service is well worth the money.

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The purpose of this site is to help billers and physical therapists understand how to be more successful at physical therapy billing.

Successful physical therapy billing includes strategic use of CPT codes, modifiers, and collection letters. A common denominator among the most successful practices in the country is they are good at billing and collecting for their services. Those who do not have a sound understanding of how to code, bill, collect, strategize and audit-proof are less successful but also more vulnerable to scrutiny, request for refunds, and violations.

physical therapy billing

A successful billing “system” looks like this…

  • You get short-listed by insurance companies avoiding the usual games they play such as frivolous denials and constant stalling tactics because they know you know your rights.

  • Reimbursements and profits are maximized by using best paying codes, and justifying them correctly in your documentation, and modifiers are applied appropriately, and staff are trained well.

  • Insurance companies pay you on time with little hassle.

  • Patients pay their co-pays without complaint, even if it’s as high as $70!

Legally sound Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form that contains the correct items allowing for legal leverage in case of insurance company denials and/or patient unwillingness to pay. A sound AOB allows a practice to deposit checks made directly to the patient, file a complaint with the insurance commissioner and more. You must have legal tools that allow you to get paid when insurance company or the patient ever try to evade payment.

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